ECG Learning

Take Your ECG Interpretation Skills To The Next Level With e-Xpert ECG, The Interactive Online ECG Training Application From CardioCollege That's FUN To Use!

Nobody said learning can't be fun. Well, maybe somebody said that, but they didn't know what they were talking about. If you really want to develop the high-level ECG skills it takes to accurately diagnose conditions like myocardial infarction/ischemia or arrhythmia; or if you occasionally find yourself missing certain diagnoses or electrophysiologic abnormalities in an ECG tracing, e-Xpert ECG was created for you.

e-Xpert ECG is the fun, interesting and results-driven way to enhance your ECG interpretation skills without having to spend hours in a classroom after work or on your days off. That's because e-Xpert ECG is an interactive online ECG training application that lets you build your skills on your schedule. Becoming an ECG diagnostic expert doesn't get any easier than this!

Introducing Smart Learning That No Classroom Can Deliver

e-Xpert ECG is based on the tried and true e-learning formula developed by EA Solutions. This means that the e-Expert ECG e-learning course is better than having a live instructor. Here's why:

  • E-Xpert ECG monitors your progress and instantly adapts the lessons to your skill level. No more "one size fits all" classroom lectures. Now you can focus on the areas you need to, and breeze through the areas where your skills are the strongest.
  • e-Xpert ECG uses interactive illustrations to present you with thousands of problem-based real-world exercises to help you become an expert in the shortest time possible. You work with hundreds of ECG tracings with numerous and extremely detailed animations explaining electrophysiology, proper interpretation, and much more. Now it's easy to observe diverse clinical processes, in detail, right from the convenience of your computer screen.
  • e-Xpert ECG gives you access to unique animations depicting the workings of the cardiovascular system, the electrophysiologic mechanisms involved, the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases, and of course, hundreds of educational and instructive ECG tracings. You can't get this type of quality education sitting in a classroom!

Instant Feedback Keeps You On Target

Each of the exercises provided is accompanied by specific and concise explanation. A feedback tab is also provided for comments, suggestions, and questions from you. e-Xpert ECG goes far beyond teaching you the "the how"; it also teaches you the "the why". And it won't put you to sleep in the process.

Study Anywhere You Like, Whenever You Like

And remember; since e-Xpert ECG is a web-based training application, you can study anywhere you want and whenever you want. Because your personal scores and overall progress is maintained in our centralized systems, you can access your e-Xpert ECG account using any computer equipped with a broadband Internet connection. This allows you to take the course wherever you are and whenever your schedule permits.

Click here to learn more about e-Xpert ECG, or view our online presentation to see it in action. Want to experience the fun and easy way to sharpen your ECG diagnostic skills for yourself? Just register for your personal free trial.

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